What would you do if you didn’t know it couldn’t not be done?

What would you do if you didn’t know it couldn’t not be done?

I was reading a book about Steve Jobs the other day and came upon the following fascinating story…

…in the early days of Apple, one of the software engineers thought he'd seen (at Xerox) a function that allowed windows on a computer to be layered. 

This is something we take for granted these days and it may well be the case that you're reading this in a "window" while other windows appear to be sitting behind. Now although we're all very used to this now it is, in face, a very complex thing to program as the windows don't, in reality, sit behind or in front of each other so somehow the computer knows where to corner off one window and where to show another and then, where and when to change when you move or click your mouse!

Now I don't want to lose too many people by getting too technical but…

…the reason for writing about this now is that the interesting thing was, this particular programmer hadn't in fact seen this at Xerox because it hadn't been done. But because he thought he had he believed he could and he set out to do it and…he did! In a remarkably short period of time!!!

The point I'm trying to make is that his belief was, in hindsight, incredibly powerful because if he'd had doubt or been uncertain about the possibility of achieving what he wanted to achieve then, well, who knows what he might have (or not have) done. 

So my question to you is…what could you achieve if you had no doubt? How much happiness might you experience and how much success could you enjoy if you had the utmost confidence in your abilities? 

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