Dr. Happy answers your questions

Dr. Happy answers your questions

Yesterday I posted the following question on Twitter (@drhappy) and on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/thehappinessinstitute)…

If you had my undivided attention, what question would you ask me (Dr. Happy)?

Well, we received quite a few responses, and some of them touched upon some quite complex issues, so I won't (unfortunately) be able to answer each and every one of them but I'll do my best to address as many as I can. And here we go…

Why do so many people expect a quick fix for happiness and is it really possible? 

I'm not exactly sure why so many expect happiness to come easily, maybe it's because of the advertising and marketing industries that frequently try to sell "magic bullets" and "overnight fixes" but they do and they're setting themselves up for failure. Happiness is definitely possible and achieving happiness doesn't have to be overly complicated but…it does, for most of us, require work and regular maintenance. 

What made you become an advocate for happiness? 

My background is in clinical psychology and as satisfying as that was, helping people overcome depression and stress and anxiety and other forms of psychopathology I always felt that there was more we could and should be doing than just addressing these problems. We do need to address these problems, and help people overcome distress, but we also need to and can do so much more to help people live great lives and enjoy the wonders of thriving and flourishing. When I discovered positive psychology about 10 years ago it was like I'd found my answer! 

What does happiness feel like? 

Happiness feels like different things to different people, and might even feel differently to the same person on different days. Happiness can vary from joy and excitement to calm and contentment…and everything in between! Happiness is a range of positive emotions PLUS a sense of connectedness and belonging, having purpose and direction, feeling healthy and well and much, much more! 

Does positive psychology work for people with depression? 

Yes indeed! Athough the caveat here is that everyone's different and every depression is different so the best answer to this question is to probably see a qualified professional (e.g. a clinical psychologist) so they can help you find the most appropriate treatment(s) for you and your circumstances. 

I hope that's helped. Thanks so much for your great questions. Let me know what you think and keep in touch and keep involved via our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

Dr. Happy : ) 

PS: sorry to those whose questions I've not specifically addressed. I'll either try to get to them another time or you can email directly via The Happiness Institute. 

And PPS: thanks to those lovely people who sent their thanks for the work we do and for the way we've helped them find more happiness!