Would we enjoy more happiness by being more hospitable?

Would we enjoy more happiness by being more hospitable?

From the Sydney Morning Herald

Australians' international reputation for ''throwing another shrimp on the barbie'' has been undermined by research that shows we are not as hospitable as we think we are.

At least compared with Americans, Australians are less likely to invite friends and neighbours home for a meal or to meet the family, the research reveals.

The results emerged from a study that asked: if Americans lived like us, would they be happier? The answer, to the surprise of Roger Patulny, a research fellow at the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of NSW, was ''no''. And the main reason was that Americans entertain at home more, and derive pleasure from it.

Transplanted into our lifestyle and schedules they would have fewer dinner parties but spend more time on unpleasant activities – such as housework – that would not make them happy. ''Australians are not as social as we think we are,'' said Dr Patulny.

He said Australians were friendly on the surface and liked to have a good time with friends and neighbours in public spaces. ''But we don't invite people into our homes the same way Americans do. At home we like to be with our nuclear family.''

The research will be presented today at a forum on emotions in social life to be held at UNSW. It uses time-use data to compare how many minutes a day Americans and Australians spend on activities that include showering, commuting, work, childcare, eating out and entertaining at home…

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