Happiness is…positively redefining your relationship with desirable behaviours

Happiness is…positively redefining your relationship with desirable behaviours

Learn to love what you need to do and happiness and success will be yours!

Sound like a good idea? I think so…

…earlier today I posted a blog on The Happiness Diet's page suggesting that those who want to lose weight could benefit from positively redefining their relationship with healthy eating and with exercise (you can read it HERE if you're interested). 

After publishing it, however, I quickly realised that the premise was relevant not just for those interested in losing weight but, in fact, for all of us (in different ways). 

You see although many of us know what we need to do and although many of us want to do what we need to do sometimes (often for some of us) those desirable behaviours are, to put it bluntly, boring or difficult or mundane or challenging or…all of the above!

Accordingly, if we gain no pleasure for important activities we're less likely to do them. 

And if we're less likely to engage in important activities we are, then, less likely to benefit. 

So the key, then, is to find ways to make important, desirable activities, those things that will increase and enhance our happiness and success and wellbeing and quality of life…fund and pleasurable and meaningful. By doing so we significantly increase our chances of succeeding!

So go to it and then share, if you will, examples of how you've made key happiness or success related activities in your life fun and as a result, increased your engagement in those behaviours and then gained in some way. Post your comments HERE on our Facebook Page (thanks in advance).