Happiness is…lessons learned (sometimes the hard way!)

Happiness is…lessons learned (sometimes the hard way!)

Happiness is knowing that what might first seem bad, is not always bad…

Happiness is also knowing that might first seem good, is not always good…

Happiness is learning from the past and from the mistakes we all make to create a better future!

So this afternoon, in this very short post, I ask you…

  • what's the most important lesson you've learned about happiness and living a good life? 

  • when were you most surprised to find happiness despite adversity? 

  • what do you count as your most formative experience; something that shaped your future (in a positive way)? 

At the very least, I invite you to consider and to reflect upon these questions. If you'd like, I'd love for you to share your thoughts and experiences, to spread happiness via the teaching of these lessons to others, by posting on our Facebook Page HERE : ) 

Thanks in advance and here's to learning to be happier!