The simplest thing you can do for more happiness is…

The simplest thing you can do for more happiness is…

This morning I donated my time to help out a preparatory school in Sydney. It didn't take up much of my time, only an hour or so, but they were so grateful for my contribution and so thankful that I'd decided not to charge them anything that I felt so good I offered to do more!

Giving is such a powerful act and when it comes to happiness, I'd go so far as to say it's one of the most powerful and most important. 

Now I want to keep this post pretty short so I won't go into the theory or research behind why this is so but…what I want to emphasise today is not even about giving or volunteering. 

The point I want to make today is that I was able to enjoy a significant boost in my happiness and wellbeing today but just doing one simple thing. 

And I believe we can all enjoy more happiness often just by doing simple things. 

Interestingly and notably the simple things will differ for different people and that's another point I want to make in this short post; happiness can come from simple actions but happiness will also come from different actions for different people. 

So this morning, my happiness boost came from giving (and giving to something I believe very passionately in – the psychological wellbeing of our children) but what simple thing can you do today to boost your happiness? 

Give it some thought and ideally, give it a go…then share your experiences HERE on our Facebook Page. Thanks in advance and I look forward to reading about some wonderful actions and some cool and simple tips : )