Happiness lessons from…fishing

Happiness lessons from…fishing

I'm away on leave but still thinking about happiness and wanted to share the following with you…

…I've literally just been fishing. Not metaphorically "gone fishing" but I've really been out on a boat trying to catch some fish (I caught NONE but my son caught a few and the others on the boat were also luckier, or more skillful than me!). 

Anyway, as is my want, I was thinking of a few happiness lessons to share with you and I came up with the following. Happiness is…

  • being patient

  • waiting for the right opportunities

  • being one with nature

  • appreciating what's beyond your control

  • enjoying time with others regardless of the outcome

  • meditating

  • having fun

…and I'm sure there's much, much more. 

What happiness lessons have you learned from recreational pursuits, especially when you least expected to learn something of significance? 

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