Happiness and…the creative arts

Happiness and…the creative arts

Creativity and happiness – what's the link? Is there even one? 

I think there is; and I think there's a very strong one; however I think the link is with different forms of "the arts" for different people. 

For example (and as some of you would already know)…

  • I gain great satisfaction and happiness and joy and contentment from music and literature

  • my son thoroughly enjoys drawing

  • my daughter loves nothing better and is at her happiest when dancing

  • my wife is a visual artist, designer and painter

What is it about these creative pursuits that generates happiness? 

Well, I'm not entirely sure but I believe it's partly about the association these activities and tasks have with our deepest emotions; the fact they go beyond logic and words and touch on our feelings and the more visual parts of our brains and minds. 

Again, I love reading and talking so I think words are important for happiness and learning BUT there's no doubt that there's much, much more than this that (at least for many people) can draw out aspects of our psychology, and hence our happiness, than can ever be achieved in a book or lecture. 

This is not an either-or thing, but something that can add another layer to whatever it is that already helps you find happiness so try it out, maybe try something new, and see what (if any) impact it has on your happiness levels. And then…

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