7 Simple Strategies for finding happiness amidst chaos

7 Simple Strategies for finding happiness amidst chaos

We all have bad times; we all face adversity; we all experience days, or even weeks, when things just don't seem to work out for us. 

Whether it's distraction or disruption, distress or disaster, happiness can seem pretty elusive at times. 

But in reality, it's only ever a short step away; happiness, quite often, although we can't see it, is just around the corner. 

So here are 7 tips for grabbing or finding happiness again when it seems like it's been lost…

  1. Ask yourself "Are things really that bad?"

  2. Even if things are really bad ask yourself whether they'll seem quite so bad in a week or a month or a year

  3. Look at things from a different perspective

  4. Look at your problems from someone else's perspective (e.g. someone who lives in the developing world and doesn't know where their next meal is coming from)

  5. Take a few deep breathes and let your problems just be…and ultimately, let them pass

  6. Don't just let those problems be…but do something about them (the decision between taking action or accepting is a tricky one and depends, ultimately on having a certain type of wisdom to know if something can be changed/fixed or not!)

  7. Reach out and ask for help – because we don't always have to cope on our own

So there they are – 7 simple strategies for finding happiness admist chaos. Do you have any more tips? If so, share them with us on our Facebook Page HERE. On behalf of everyone, thanks in advance : )