When were you last surprised into happiness?

When were you last surprised into happiness?

If fun is part of happiness then we need, at times, to avoid predictability!

I was watching a TV show on the comedy channel the other night but I wasn't finding it all that amusing; and then I realised why. I'd seen it before. 

This is not to say that good television or good comedy can't be enjoyed more than once; but more often than not, in my experience anyway, a good punch line only works one time. 

Why is this? Well,

I think it's due at least in part to the element of surprise; the unpredictability that comes with a good gag; that line or twist that's just not quite what you expected. 

And I think this applies to more than just a good joke; I think it's relevant, more generally, to aspects of our happiness. 

There's no doubt that routine and planning are good for productivity and for accomplishment which within reason, are good for our happiness. But there's also no doubt that routine and excessive structure can lead to a mundane existence…or what many may experience as being in "a rut". 

So how do we enjoy the benefits of organisation whilst still gaining from the pleasure of sponteniety? 

Allow yourself to be surprised! Stay curious; be open minded; literally, keep your eyes and ears open for new experiences and knowledge. 

I'm sure you've all experienced something along these lines and I'd love to see some examples posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE. When were you last surprised into happiness? Let us know…