Finding happiness in outrageous applications of positive psychology

Finding happiness in outrageous applications of positive psychology

Following on from a post I write a few weeks ago…

If I were to put something outrageous like sex or chocolate into this heading would more people read my blog?

I followed up with this short (practical) article in The Happiness Institute's free eNewsletter this morning. 

In response to the post above Kellie, one of our keen followers of The Happiness Diet added the following comment on Facebook…

…hmmm, so on my menu for this week, I should change "tuna and salad" to "Kellie's Orgasmic Salad Combo" ?? LOL 🙂

And our response was…EXACTLY

So our challenge to you this week is to turn any and all of your healthy and happiness inducing behaviours into outrageous sounding, but attractively named headlines.

What, for example, can you call "exercise" that sounds sexier? How can you "re-brand" porridge or fruit and vegetables or, whatever, into something you and others will really, really want?

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