UK riots, African famines, turmoil in the world economic markets…and now for the good news!

UK riots, African famines, turmoil in the world economic markets…and now for the good news!

There's no doubt that we all have to face adversity and there's also no doubt that there's "bad" in the world; at the same time, there's no doubt that happiness comes to those who can see, despite the sometimes very obvious horrors, the good in the world and the good in others. 

In the last week or so we've seen, around the globe, riots in the UK, ongoing drought and famine and Africa and market turmoil in most of the world's financial markets. 

At times like this I believe it's up to each and everyone of us to ask…how best can we respond? 

Now I admit there have been times over the last few days that I've felt incredibly sad and even hopeless about the current events taking place around the world. But then I've asked myself "what purpose does this serve?"

Depression, sadness, grief and other similar emotions might be normal and appropriate and understandable under these circumstances but I'm not sure they're very helpful. 

If we're going to get through these times we need, I think, to find some optimism and hope; we need, dare I say it, some happiness to energise and motivate and inspire us to clean up, fight back, help out. 

And this happiness and positivity is out there; we can all have some if we actively look around and acknowledge and appreciate what some are doing in these dark days. 

Look, for example, at groups of people who've organised themselves into groups, using Twitter no less, to clean up on London after the riots (HERE). And this is just one example…

…so let's do our bit by focusing on the good people doing good things. 

Where have you seen happiness in the last few days and specifically, where have you seen inspiration despite ugliness? 

Share your thoughts and experiences HERE on our Facebook Page. On behalf of everyone who's a bit stunned by recent events I thank you : )