How many ways can we give for happiness?

How many ways can we give for happiness?

This morning I spent a few hours of my time teaching the principles of happiness and positive psychology to a room full of wonderful people doing wonderful things (see HERE for course details). 

There were people in the room working at and representing fantastic not-for profit organisations working in areas such as…

  • disadvantaged youth

  • mental health

  • cancer

  • pensioners and low income earners

  • and much, much more

As always, when teaching, I learn many lessons myself; but today reminded me particularly of the many, many ways we can give. The most obvious ways of giving include…

  • money

  • material possessions (such as clothes or furniture)

  • time

  • expertise

  • knowledge

And along with this I was reminded of the obvious; that in giving we receive; that in doing good we feel good. Happiness comes to those who bring happiness to others so following on from this…

…in what ways do you give? How, where and when do you find happiness in giving happiness? 

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