More on intelligence and happiness

More on intelligence and happiness

Yesterday I posted an article in which the links between happiness and intelligence were discussed. You can read it HERE

…but I'm not just writing this morning to repost the same article! 

Instead, I want to bring your attention to a fascinating question posted by Diana on our Facebook Page

Diana asked…What kind of intelligence are we referring to? 

And this is a great question! She then referred, by way of an example, to Winnie the Pooh and noted that he seems to be happy but is he smart? 

Well, as a huge fan of Pooh Bear I think he is very smart; well, I think he's at least very wise in a zen kind of way (if you've not already read it do yourselves a favour and get a copy of "The Tao of Pooh" in which our humble bear is re-interpreted as a Tao master!). 

But anyway, I digress…the purpose of this short post is to encourage you all to join me in continuing this important discussion because Diana has raised a very important point. There are, I believe, many types of intelligences; not all of which can be measured by academic or intellectual success. 

Intelligence might come in the form of artistic abilty, the ability to make others laugh, or talent on the sporting field, or in the kitchen, or…well, almost anywhere! And if these various types of intelligences are associated with happiness then surely we want to encourage and foster and develop all of them. 

I truly believe this is a crucial issue for those of us interested in understanding and maximising happiness so please jump on to our Facebook page (HERE) and have your say. 

What intelligences do you think most contribute to your happiness (post your thoughts here)?