Happiness is a distinct advantage, at work and…

Happiness is a distinct advantage, at work and…

Here at The Happiness Institute we've promoted this philosophy for about a decade now. Happiness is good for the happy person; but happiness is also good for all those people around that happy person!

Because happiness is contagious; it spreads, virally, creating positive cycles that benefit all who get infected. 

Happy people are also more productive and efficient and innovative and creative; they are, therefore, of more value (in most situations) in the workplace and in the home. 

This was reinforced this morning when I read an article, originally from the Harvard Business Review but reprinted in Business Insider, which includes the following quote…

…the single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce. A decade of research proves that happiness improves nearly every business and educational outcome, raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements. Yet even those companies that take leadership training seriously still ignore the role that happiness plays in effective leadership.

You can read the full and original article HERE but the main reason for today's post is to ask this question: 

What advantage does your happiness bring to others? I know I asked a similar question the other day but today, I'd specifically like to know how it helps (1) your co-workers or colleagues and (2) your family members? 

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