Maintaining happiness in the face of negative media

Maintaining happiness in the face of negative media

We recently received some lovely feedback about our weekly eNewsletters and about our work generally but the writer also noted that she was struggling to stay happy given that she felt she was surrounded by so much negative media, cold weather and grey skies, and, well, unhappiness!

So she asked me for some tips and accordingly, I'm happy to provide the following few ideas for holding on to or boosting your happiness despite what the newspapers and TV stations might have you think…

  • firstly, if they're making you miserable STOP watching the news and STOP reading the papers. Personally, I love keeping up to date with current affairs but I strongly recommending stopping these activities if they're causing you misery

  • alternatively, scan the papers for headlines so you can keep up with what's going on but don't read in detail anything you find distressing

  • at the same time, actively search for positive, happy stories; they are there, they just tend to be a bit harder to find!

  • also, search outside the traditional media agencies for positive news. The internet is in obvious choice and searching for "positive stories" or "inspiration" or "good news" will undoubtedly bring up something more motivating and hope inducing

  • create your own positive news by journaling and/or recording all the good things that happen in your life and/or all the happiness related stories or events you hear about in your travels; once you start this you'll find you'll be more likely to see other positive news so it will feed off itself and create a positive cycle

These are just a few ideas and I'm sure you, our readers, will have more thoughts on this matter so if you have any tips for holding on to happiness despite the negative bias of most media then please post your comments HERE on our Facebook Page. Thanks in advance and here's to happiness and positivity…