Happiness and fun on a friday

Happiness and fun on a friday

by Joe Wilner at PsychCentral

Has anyone ever told you to “lighten up”?

I’ve heard this before, and often the person telling me was right. It took me a while to realize it, but sometimes the smallest things can get to us overly upset.

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be situations in life that require us to have serious reflection and take a very responsible and somber perspective.

Though, how many times do we approach life with an overly serious attitude, and make mountains out of mole hills?

When we make things worse than they are it can become a vicious cycle of awfulizing and terribilizing every set-back we experience. We can get worked up and pushed over the edge from even the slightest offense.

Fortunately we can break this cycle.

It’s time to realistically examine the severity of situations in your life and learn to laugh and find humor in these moments of frustration. Stop putting worry and stress in the place of what could be joyful moments…

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