Emotional intelligence, happiness and thriving

Emotional intelligence, happiness and thriving

by Joe Wilner from PsychCentral

Emotional intelligence (EI) is continually becoming a more recognized and integral source of effective human development. Schools and corporations provide programs and workshops in order to educate children and adults about self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal relationships in order to achieve better performance and greater productivity.

This ability of self-regulation and effective relationships also has a direct connection with people living more effective and satisfying lives.

According to an article by Dr. Reuven Bar-On titled, Emotional Intelligence: an integral part of positive psychology, EI is clearly an integral component of positive psychology, and provides a route where EI can be more clearly understood as a source of greater well-being and happiness.

The article points out numerous factors that overlap between positive psychology and EI. These include:

self-regard and self-acceptance based on self-awareness

the capacity for positive social interactions based on social-awareness

realistic problem solving and decision making

self-determination and optimism

The scope of these similarities reveals themselves when examining major themes and areas of study in positive psychology. The psychological benefits that the two areas can more readily produce include human performance, happiness, well-being, and quest for meaning…

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