1st happiness lesson from being on holidays…

1st happiness lesson from being on holidays…

I'm on holidays at the moment but still thinking of you and your happiness and so will continue to share some thoughts and ideas on happiness from the road. 

This morning (well, it's morning over here, anyway) is our first proper day after a day and a half of travelling, flying, sitting in airports and, well, you probably get the idea. Accordingly, here are my thoughts on happiness on this holiday thus far…

  • happiness IS NOT ALWAYS in the journey

  • sometimes happiness IS MOST DEFINITELY in the destination

I say this half jokingly after a tough and not all that pleasant trip over but I also invite you to think about the importance of appreciating goals and achievements rather than just the process. 

I honestly believe it's about both; so I'm sure once I've recovered there will be lessons learned from the travelling that will help me grow and find more happiness but I'm also pretty sure, as I ready to head out today, that there will be more happiness and fun now that we've arrived!

Have a great day everyone and keep your eyes and ears open for more happiness tips from me while I'm out and about 🙂