Some practical tips for designing a happiness inducing context

Some practical tips for designing a happiness inducing context

There's no perfect way to do this and we look forward to some of you sharing the ideas that have worked for you but here are a few tips we hope you find helpful:

  • make desirable behaviours as easy as possible – e.g. have your exercise clothes ready and waiting for you when you wake up in the morning; have healthy meals prepared and divided into portions in the fridge; schedule pleasant and satisfying events into your diary

  • build positive reinforcement into your daily life – have regular review periods where and when you focus on your successes and either metaphorically give yourself a pat on the back or literally give yourself a reward

  • surround yourself with supportive people – who know what you're trying to achieve and who are prepared to and good at encouraging and praising

  • make undesirable behaviours as difficult as possible – avoid temptations so you don't have to resist them (e.g. don't have unwanted, unhealthy foods in the house); if you can't totally avoid them prepare strategies for ensuring you stay on track (forewarned is forearmed)

  • Create routines and habits that will support your goals – that is, do what you want to do over and over again until it becomes habitual

  • Use visual reminders – put up signs or posters or anything that will remind you of whatever it is you want to do (that way you're unlikely to forget!)

As always, we're sure you have many more great ideas, strategies that have worked for you and strategies that have allowed you to enhance your happiness and wellbeing; if so, we'd love for you to share them on our Facebook Page. Thanks in advance…