Some happiness tips for Friday April 8

Some happiness tips for Friday April 8

Good morning and happy Friday everyone. 

I've touched on this topic quite a bit lately because I've been doing a lot of teaching; teaching other coaches how to apply the principles of positive psychology, working with managers and leaders to lead with the strategies of positive psychology coaching, and simply coaching individuals to find happiness and live better lives. Every time I teach I learn and I hope you find these postings, in which I share my happiness learnings, helpful and of value. 

If so, then today I'm happy to once again share a few lessons and reminders from a workshop I ran yesterday with a large team from a very large (and rapidly growing) national organisation. Here we go…

  • play more and value the very real benefits that come from play and fun

  • laugh more and enjoy the moment

  • be present more often (when you're with someone really be with them!)

  • be less critical and more understanding of others

  • try to avoid making assumptions and judgements of others

  • begin with trust and respect in mind

  • do as you say you're going to do 

  • be honest, with yourself and with others

  • aim high, don't just settle for "okayness"

This is (as is often the case with these short blog postings) just the tip of the happiness iceberg and clearly positive psychology has much more to offer and much more depth to explore. But, that being said, if you give these simple strategies a try I'm pretty confident that you'll enjoy more happiness AND that you'll enjoy better quality relationships as well as many other desirable benefits. 

So have a go and as always, let us know what you think and what works for you via our Facebook Page. Thanks in advance!