The secret to raising happy kids? Mum!

The secret to raising happy kids? Mum!

by Wency Leung – The Global Mail

If the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother, then the most important thing for a mother is to be happy with her partner.

According to a new study of 40,000 British households, children’s overall happiness is linked to their mother’s own happiness with her partner. A mother’s happiness was also found to be more important to her children than their father’s.

The study, conducted by researchers at Britain’s Institute for Social and Economic Research, found that 60 per cent of children, aged 10 to 15, said they were “completely satisfied” with their home life overall.

But when the children’s mothers reported being unhappy with their partnerships, only 55 per cent of the children said they were “completely happy” with their family situation, compared with 73 per cent whose mothers were in happy relationships…

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