Happiness lessons from teaching happiness (a few final thoughts)

Happiness lessons from teaching happiness (a few final thoughts)

And let me start with a thanks to all of the wonderful people who participated in and contributed so wonderfully to the 3 days…

Following on from my previous two posts, a few final thoughts from my 3 days of teaching…

  • you can only ever do the best you can do

  • you can't always please all the people all the time

  • but if you do the right things and try the best you can you will, more often than not, please most of the people most of the time

  • it often helps to focus more on the process than the outcome

  • it's a good idea to enjoy the journey rather than just waiting to reach the destination

  • no matter what, have fun (in your own way)

  • no matter what, be yourself (not someone else)

  • no matter what…well, actually, that doesn't really matter!

Anyway, I hope your last few days have been as challenging and enjoyable, exhausting and exhilerating, as satisfying and full of pride and happiness and other positive emotions as mine have been. 

If not? Then do what ever you can do to make sure the next few days are!

Happiness…if you don't have as much as you'd like now you can always aim to create more tomorrow or next week or next month…

Enjoy your weekend. Keep in touch…Dr. Happy : )