Happiness is…approaching life with a playful attitude

Happiness is…approaching life with a playful attitude

by Joe Wilner from PsychCentral

In the past I tended to be a naturally serious person. I was pretty rigid and wanted things done a certain way. I found people who were always joking and playing to be unauthentic and foolish. I thought to myself naively, “How could they be so carefree and lack worry about life?”

Fortunately, as I grew as a person I was able see that being carefree and content isn’t about being irresponsible but about being open to enjoy life in the moment without unnecessary worry.

Being playful is being in touch with our true self.

I finally understand why so many people who are effortlessly carefree, joking, and playful toward life, are more happy and successful, at least subjectively.

In fact, having a playful and curious philosophy toward life offers many benefits. It leads to enhanced relationships, better mental health, and a more expansive view of life. Being playful doesn’t mean never taking life serious or dealing with responsibility, but is more of an approach and perspective to have fulfilling and gratifying interactions with others and more amusing experiences.

Before getting into the benefits of a being lighthearted and playful, here’s how to be more playful.

  • Watch funny movies or video clips

  • Read funny stories

  • Use your imagination whenever possible

  • Dance and sing along to music

  • Tell funny jokes and laugh often

  • Cut yourself some slack and don’t take yourself so seriously

Why be playful?

Well, because it brings more happiness along with lots of other benefits so if you'd like to read more of this playful and happiness inducing article then JUST CLICK HERE