What’s brought you happiness today?

What’s brought you happiness today?

Having just paused for a minute, for virtually the first time today, I reflected on my busy-ness and what, if anything, has brought me happiness today. Thankfully, my musings lead to a positive answer and I'm pleased to note that the following interactions and activities enhanced my happiness and wellbeing over the last 8 hours or so…

  • a great workout with my Pilates trainer

  • savouring my morning coffee

  • meeting with a fan of positive psychology and happiness studies in Australia all the way from Croatia

  • a very successful coaching session with a client working to improve his productivity

  • a very exciting meeting with a potential client readying to launch what could be one of the most fascinating projects I've every worked on

  • and an in-house meeting with one of my colleagues reviewing our performance and future direction

Thankfully, I like variety and variety, for me, is not just the spice of life but a contributor to happiness and wellbeing. What then, has tickled your happiness today? I'd love it if you shared your thoughts and ideas on our Facebook Page HERE