Involvement in significant activity leads to happiness

Involvement in significant activity leads to happiness

A group of researchers have discovered new facts which are related to human life’s most desired thing, happiness. It has been proved by the study, that happiness is a feeling of contentment, which actually comes after getting involved in some kind momentous or result oriented activity.

Research of happiness is an integral part of positive psychology which plays a very important role in human life. A rational or practical thought leads to good mental health when people grow old. In fact, people having such kind of practical mentality, manage to live long.

According to the researchers, if people emphasize on being happy cannot actually enjoy it. As they consciously start thinking whether they are happy or not, it ruins the feelings. Joy or happiness is unconditional and at times it is beyond any kind of calculations. No one can be sure when it comes or out of which it may come.

The study has defined that feeling of joy or happiness can be divided into two categories…

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