What does Wednesday really mean for your happiness?

What does Wednesday really mean for your happiness?

It's Wednesday morning here in Sydney Australia which means that for most people, it's the middle of the working week. 

Some people call this "hump day" because they feel that if they can get over this "hump" then it's a downhill run towards the weekend. 

What they really mean is that they write off the first half of the week, then live in hope during the second half of the week that they might, if they're lucky, enjoy some fun and happiness over the weekend. 

Now let's look at this another way; although not completely irrational as not everyone is lucky enough to be able to work in a job about which they're really passionate, this doesn't really seem like a sensible strategy. Statistically, many of these people are giving up on 5/7ths of their week (that's more than 70%) in the hope that they might enjoy 2/7 (that's less than 30%) of their lives! 

Surely there must be a better way!

Now again, I fully acknowledge that not everyone can do what they love but I've no doubt that…

  • many more people could do what they loved and/or

  • many more people could learn to love what they do!

So rather than giving up on all those hours during which you're at work, give some thought to the following strategies which should help you (and all those around you) enjoy more happiness and other positive emotions when in the office: 

  • Consider whether there are any ways you can change what you do to enjoy what you do more

  • Talk to the appropriate person or persons about "crafting" your ideal job

  • If you can't change what you do change the way you think about what you do

  • Focus, as much as possible, on all the best aspects of your job and all the best aspects of the people with whom you work 

  • Find ways to use your strengths more often at work and in your job

  • And…

…let us know how you enjoy what you do at work (including domestic duties or "house work") because we'd love to hear your thoughts and we'd love to collect some great ideas for all to enjoy the happiness! Post your ideas on our FACEBOOK PAGE