Why I’m happy today and a request for you to share why you’re happy

Why I’m happy today and a request for you to share why you’re happy

Although there are times when we all (myself included) forget what happiness is and why happiness is so important, there are so many reasons to be happy and this is something we should remind ourselves of frequently.

This is not to deny that there are also, I'm sure, many reasons why many people might experience unhappiness (and one doesn't need to look beyond the recent natural disasters and the terrible impact these have had on so many lives) but there are so many other places one can go to read about this (any news service) that I feel it's part of my job here to ackknowledge the very real distress and difficulties BUT then help as many people as possible to refocus as soon as possible on why happiness can be and is within reach. 

So today, I share with you some of the reasons why I'm happy on this Tuesday, March 15…

  • I have working fingers that are allowing me to type this article

  • I have functioning eyes that allow me to read this article I'm typing

  • I have a brain that thinks clearly enough to allow me to form the ideas and sentences and words that make up this article

  • I can walk and talk and smile and laugh

  • I can love and be nice, engage in altruism and acts of kindness

  • I have friends and relatives and colleagues (who I like working with!)

  • I am priveleged enough to spend $3.00 on a beautifully tasting coffee which is more than billions of people live off in a whole day

  • I know my kids will be safe today and will eat today and are receiving a good education at school today

  • I know that regardless of the weather I'll be relatively dry and protected from the elements

  • And I could go on and on but…

I'd love to read all the reasons why you're happy today so please share the causes of and contributors to your happiness (we'd really appreciate it) on our Facebook page HERE