Happiness at the movies…The Oscars of positive psychology!

Happiness at the movies…The Oscars of positive psychology!

Happiness and positive psychology are represented in so many ways and in so many places…if only you look out for them! 

Happiness and positive psychology are not just material for self-help books and academic texts…you'll also find them in novels and plays, movies and theatres, on the sporting fields and office spaces. 

But with the premier movie awards, the Oscars, just around the corner we thought you might like this article from Positive Psychology News Daily in which awards are given to this year's movies for representations of authentic happiness, resilience, strengths and more…

Oscar for Best Positive Psychology Film: Alice in Wonderland

Here are a few reasons: The film explores and teaches positive identity formation, character transformation, character redemption, and goal-setting & attainment, while providing deep viewer engagement. Also, a close look reveals that Alice is teaching the viewer about empirically-validated interventions for working with character strengths (Niemiec, 2010). The viewer learns to practice divergent thinking to boost creativity (Scott, Leritz, & Mumford, 2004), to develop active curiosity (Kashdan, 2009), and to find ways to boost bravery/courage (Pury, 2008) by discovering one’s “muchness.” 

Best Coaching Oscar for Coaching/Counseling: The King’s Speech

While Geoffrey Rush’s character, Lionel, is neither a counselor nor a coach per se, this is merely a technicality, as he beautifully personifies the support and solution-focused mentality of a coach and the artful blend of direct challenge, empathy, and intervention of a psychologist. During the climactic speech of the king, Lionel’s unwavering attunement to the anxious king is the type of attention and care any client would dream for in a practitioner. 

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