Happiness & Valentine’s Day (Part 3)

Happiness & Valentine’s Day (Part 3)

There’s no doubt that love and more generally, positive relationships are key to happiness. So on this special day we bring you some special happiness posts focusing on live and positive relationships.

Tips for boosting positive relationships and happiness

Give some thought to and try out one of more of the following…

  • Celebrate your love and celebrate Valentine’s Day more than once each year!
  • Ensure you express your love in more ways than just the material…a card and/or a present is lovely but tell your partner how you really feel and also, why you love them
  • Focus on your loved one’s strengths and positive attributes
  • Set aside some time together to discuss your joint vision for a positive future, your common goals and your priorities and values
  • Avoid getting stuck in a rut by trying new things together on a regular basis…schedule these into your days and weeks and year
  • Look after each other and focus on compassion and loving kindness and caring and thoughtfulness…ask not what he/she can do for you but what can you do for him/her
  • Praise and reinforce and congratulate and celebrate good things as often as possible

These are just a few ideas…and we’d love to hear more from you! Share your thoughts and tips and suggestions for great relationships and loving each other on our Facebook Page. We thank you in advance for getting involved : )