Happiness and self control

Happiness and self control

There are so many paths to happiness but in one way or other happiness will always depend on an element of self control. Accordingly, happiness and health will require, at times, saying “no” which is why we thought you’d find this article of interest…

Learning a little self-control might just get your life back on track, writes Tim Elliott.

WITH its large, swivel locking wheels and wing-like side bars, the LiftSeat600 looks like a jetpack, one of those nifty rocket belts that Dr Robinson used in Lost in Space. In fact, the LS600 is a toilet, one which, as the name implies, is capable of raising a 600 pound (295 kilogram) person to a standing position. You might think that a 295 kilogram threshold would cater to most people, but the US-based LiftSeat Corporation reportedly has plans for an LS750.

For author Daniel Akst, the LS600 is symptomatic not just of America’s epidemic of obesity but of a wider dilemma affecting much of the western world: our lamentable lack of self-control. According to Akst’s new book, We Have Met The Enemy: Self-Control in an Age of Excess, Americans in their millions are committing slow-motion suicide, smoking, eating and drinking themselves to death, all for want of willpower.

“No one wants to be obese,” he says. “No one wants to die from smoking, as 443,000 people do annually in America alone. We know that many of them want to quit. What these people have, then, is a self-control problem.”

But who can blame them? With its easy credit, fast food, 24-hour pubs and online gambling, the modern world is excellent for vices…

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