Happiness…from little things, big things grow

Happiness…from little things, big things grow

As many of you would well be aware, The Happiness Institute’s regular, free, weekly eNewsletter went out this morning and we thought we’d share with you two articles from today’s pubication…

I (Dr. Happy) recently read an interesting article from Jon Gordon in which he referred to an article in which it was suggested we should start each and every year by selecting one word that would sum up our dreams and goals and aspirations.

Being a lover of simplicity I thought this would be great to give some thought to and great to share with you here in our eNewsletter.

So what one word sums up your hopes for 2011?

Is it happiness or success or love or family? Is it striving or thriving or flourishing or wellbeing? Does it include family, friends, loved ones and colleagues? What is it…

…and are you willing to share it with us on Facebook? If so, CLICK HERE and post your one positive word for 2011! We thank you in advance : )

From little things, big things grow

As regular readers of The Happiness Institute’s writings would well be aware, we frequently note our belief that achieving happiness requires little more than practicing a few simple disciplines each and every day. Happiness does not necessarily come from big achievements (although it certainly can) but more often, from those little, day to day occurrences that many gloss over or don’t even notice!

As is often the case, Lou Tice has summed up this philosophy beautifully in a recent email we received and as we’ve done before we share it with you and hope you find it as helpful as we did…

“Properly Placed Pebbles”

I’m here today to remind all of us that one person cannot solve the challenges of the world. That is the work for each one of us.

If you want to, you can find problems in every part of the globe. Set your mind to find them, and it won’t take you long to fill a very large piece of paper, perhaps an entire notebook. Personally, I prefer to look for opportunities to change the way things “are” by asking the question, “What would it look like if it was fixed?” Then I ask myself, “What can I do to help?”

When I was very young, I looked for ways to make “the big-time.” How could I make the big splash and solve a problem, and I would wait to find the “big deal.” It was more ego than anything else. As I matured – especially after I learned the information I impart to you – I learned that you can’t wait around for the big-splash opportunity. If you do, you will accomplish nothing.

Each of us needs to look for solutions to the challenges around us, no matter how small. If you walk past the small things, you will never be in a position to make a bigger difference. We also deny the opportunity for the “ripple effect” to go to work. You know the ripple effect: drop a pebble in a pond and watch the ripples moving out from where you dropped the pebble. Eventually these ripples touch every part of the pond. You and I, each of us, has the potential to be that pebble, hopefully for the good of all.

So today, let’s start taking accountability for our little corners of the world. Be the pebble for positive change in what you see. With enough pebbles, we’ll see a wave of positive change sweep around the globe.

by Lou Tice – The Pacific Institute

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