Thursday happiness thoughts

Thursday happiness thoughts

Some happiness related musings from Dr. Happy on this Thursday February 3…

  • we live in an amazing world when Sydney is under the thumb of a heat wave but North Queensland is being smashed by a tropical cyclone
  • along with this, much of South East Queensland and other parts of Australia are still cleaning up after the recent floods
  • At the same time, tens of thousands of children are dying of preventable diseases while the Middle East goes through politial turmoil that’s seriously worrying for world stability

These are just a few of the goings on but nevertheless…

  • I’m constantly amazed by the generosity and kindness of so many who give to others
  • they give their time and money and expertise and love
  • dedicated teachers devote so much to students hungry for learning
  • doctors and nurses save lives and limbs
  • loving parents give so much to needy children
  • creative artists bring joy and happiness to the lives of millions
  • and the world goes on and on…

Is there a message in these Thursday thoughts? I’m not sure, but I guess when I try to put these into the context of happiness I think of…

  • perspective
  • resilence
  • love
  • caring
  • generosity
  • kindness
  • hope
  • appreciation

What does happiness mean to you today, this Thursday February 3?