Reflections on happiness…

Reflections on happiness…

Good morning everyone and here’s hoping today is a day full of happiness and productivity; success and meaning; or what ever else you’d like your day to be filled with!

As I reflect on my happiness today, as I try to do often and as I encourage others to do often, the following thoughts reverberate through my mind…

  • happiness is very much about perspective
  • happiness is very much about interpretation and perception
  • what matters is how we react to the world
  • the world is a wonderful place if we look at it the right way
  • the world is full of wonderful, generous, creative and kind people
  • we too can be wonderful and generous and creative and kind
  • being wonderful at least partially depends on knowing ourselves and knowing our strengths
  • what will you do today to be you and to use your strengths

Have fun with happiness.

Have fun today.

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