Yet another article about money and happiness

Yet another article about money and happiness

Plenty has been written about money and happiness. Last year, I did a blog entry on how people are now more likely to spend their money on experiences, rather than things, to make them happy. Does money buy happiness?

Well, it_ã_s complicated.

Money is better than poverty, Woody Allen said, if only for financial reasons. That explains why the relationship between money and happiness has been in the news since the financial crisis when people lost jobs, retirement incomes and a general sense of security. The relationship between money and happiness is getting more and more attention from politicians. In France, president Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed replacing gross domestic product (GDP) with measures of people_ã_s happiness as a key indicator of growth. That would measure figures relating to work-life balance, recycling, household chores and even levels of traffic congestion. And just in case you laugh this off, saying that happiness is a warm baguette, British Prime Minister David Cameron is introducing a happiness index  for recession-weary Britons, measuring job security, relationships with families and good health, as indicators of well-being.

The fascinating part here is that the relationship between material wealth and happiness has now become a big area of study for academics, and the results are all over the place…

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