The secrets of happy people

The secrets of happy people

HAPPINESS isn?t simply a matter of luck or genetics, it requires time, effort and discipline.

The Happiness Institute_ã_s Dr Tim Sharp says it_ã_s valuable to be strategic about looking after your happiness because it will impact on so many aspects of your life.

_ã–Happy people are healthier, they live longer, they_ã_re more successful at work and have better quality relationships. Happy people perform better in pretty much every realm when compared to those who_ã_re depressed or not as happy,_㝠he says.

Different things work for different people, says Dr Sharp, and while there are general principles (being clear about your goals, living healthy, being positive but realistic, fostering key relationships, using your strengths and enjoying the moment), people should try them out and choose what works best for them.

As more people shift towards happiness as a measure of their success, a recent study by Melbourne University_ã_s Associate Professor Bruce Headey found relationships were more important than material success in influencing a person_ã_s happiness.

_ã–It appears that prioritising success and material goals is actually harmful to life satisfaction,_㝠he wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

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