More on happiness as an iPhone/iPad app

More on happiness as an iPhone/iPad app

Following the positive and significant response to our previous post on happiness as an iPad app…

…I’ve come up with a few other (somewhat more real and practical) ideas:

  • the GPS system that’s already available on most smartphones could helps us clarify where we are, where we want to get to and determine, the best path to take in order to get there (essential for happiness and living a purposeful life!)
  • the Facebook app which is free to download on most smartphones can help us connect with and communicate with family and friends as there’s no doubt that connectedness and building meaningful relationships is vital for health and wellbeing
  • the shuffle function on iPods (and other music players) can provide variety and sponteniety to otherwise mundane lives which is great for boosting positive emotions such as happiness

What other (real) apps could be used to boost or promote happiness on an iPhone or other device (and we don’t mean those that have specifically and overtly been developed by positive psychologists; we’re thinking more laterally and are keen to make the most of what exists in a positive way)?

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