For happiness…don’t be afraid to take your time

For happiness…don’t be afraid to take your time

Do not fear going slowly; fear only to stand still.

This ancient Chinese proverb, sometimes attributed to Confucius, has so much wisdom in so few words (as do so many great quotes, which is what often makes them great and which reinforces my belief in simplicity!).

Following on from my post yesterday, and a comment from one of our regular readers, happiness is not something that can necessarily be rushed. If happiness really is a journey, rather than a destination, then why not take your time and enjoy every step along the way (or atleast as many as you can given your circumstances)?

Too often we (and by that I definitely include me) get caught up in the hussle and bustle of busy lives; especially those of us who live in big cities are often tempted with so many options and opportunities. We have so many gadgets that provide us with so much information and, well, I think you get the idea…

But happiness doesn’t always (in fact rarely, if ever) comes from more, more and more. In contrast, there are many who believe that if anything, happiness probably comes from less, less and less.

There’s no doubt that when I reflect on my happiest moments they rarely include overwhelming busy-ness and more often include quiet and simplicity. This is not to say that stimulation and excitement aren’t important, they are, but I think more of us could find more happiness and positive emotion in our lives if we savoured and enjoyed, more often and in more places, the slow processes and subtleties of life’s many wonderful and varied ebbs and flows.

So go slowly through life…and who knows where you’ll find happiness and good times!