A special message for happiness in 2011

A special message for happiness in 2011

Achieving happiness need not be complicated; in fact here at The Happiness Institute we have, for almost a decade now, invited people to realise that achieving happiness requires nothing more than practising a few simple disciplines each and every day.

The disciplines are not over complicated and have been written about many times on this blog, in my books, and are taught regularly in our coaching and courses.

The practice, is simple enough…you need to just keep on keeping on.

But this is where so few people get it right; so many people I meet and talk to and work with give up too soon. Yet so many of my successes, and the successes of people I meet and talk to and work with come from working hard and working consistently, persistence and perseverance.

So this, I believe, is where more people can find happiness…

  • work out what you need to and want to do and DO IT
  • DO IT every day
  • DO IT regardless of whether or not it’s paying dividends now…because if not now it will one day
  • keep chasing your dream because if it really is your happiness dream or goal, and if it really is an important priority, then it’s worth it and WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU WANT TO DO APART FROM THAT WHICH IS REALLY IMPORTANT
  • DO IT with others…happiness comes just as much from enjoying the journey with others AND from helping others along their journey as well
  • And finally, as much as possible and as often as possible don’t just DO IT but DO THE RIGHT THING…

…because I honestly believe, and I think this is important for happiness, that the right thing and the good will eventually triumph!