Happiness at work has little to do with salary/money

Happiness at work has little to do with salary/money

Salary levels are well down the list of reasons given by both happy and unhappy workers for the feelings they have about their jobs.

new survey from jobs website seek.co.nz found that among workers who consider themselves happy in their jobs, work environment topped the list with 10 per cent, followed by training and development, company culture, workplace morale and human relations approach, all on 9 per cent.

Salary was in 11th equal place with 6 per cent.

For those unhappy in their work, salary was in equal 7th place on 7 per cent, well down on workplace morale at 22 per cent, and variety and content of work at 19 per cent.

Seek.co.nz senior executive Helen Souness said most people were looking for their managers to be supportive and approachable, to demonstrate their appreciation and provide opportunities for growth within the organisation.

Employee happiness was a direct product of a positive work environment, with a strong focus on building company culture, workplace morale, and a commitment to train and develop staff, she said…

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