My very first (and a very short) happiness blog for 2011

My very first (and a very short) happiness blog for 2011

Hi there and happy New Year.

As regular readers of this blog would well be aware I’ve not been blogging much for the last few weeks and not at all for the last week. That is, obviously, because I’ve been taking some very enjoyable leave but I’m not partially back in the real world and although I’m still taking it easy for another week or so I thought I’d quickly share with you a few happiness lessons that I’ve learned from the last few weeks on holiday…

  • silence is golden
  • so too is trying new things
  • so to is meeting new people
  • happiness can be found in the strangest places
  • happiness won’t always be found where you think it will be
  • the difference between unhappiness and happiness is sometimes only a few minutes!
  • you shouldn’t always fight unhappiness
  • but you can always have the door open to and invite in happiness

Anyway, I’ll be posting the occasional tip and thought and happiness idea over the next week until I return with full force next week and do what I can to help you all have a great and happy and successful and wonderful 2011.

Happy New Year on behalf of all my team here at The Happiness Institute : )