Just a short happiness posting on Xmas Day

Just a short happiness posting on Xmas Day

In a funny kind of way I hope not too many people read this because I hope most, if not all of you are resting and/or spending time with family and loved ones.

But happiness is still, obviously, important on this special day of the year and so for those of you who are logged on I thought I’d post a few simple happiness reminders…

  • remember what’s really important (and, for that matter, who’s really important)
  • take care of yourself today (what ever that might involve)
  • focus on the best of this past year AND what might be the best of this coming year
  • focus on the best in others, and appreciate those you have around you (alternatively, focus on the best in your life even if you’re feeling alone today)
  • remind yourself of what you’re great at and in the spirit of Xmas how this might be used to achieve some good in the world
  • and finally, have some fun

I’m not really a religious person but I do think it’s important that we mark special occasions throughout the year so I hope you’re all doing what you want to do today and as a result, I hope you’re all enjoying some happiness and good times.

Here’s to a very merry festive season and in advance, a happy New Year!