Relax into happiness

Relax into happiness

As I’ve done a few times over recent weeks I’m happy, today, to bring you yet another happiness related acronym this time, with a relaxation theme…

  • R = Relaxation…so important for health and wellbeing
  • E = Enjoy…what ever and where ever you can
  • L = Learn…there’s always something new and interesting out there
  • A = Accept…what is
  • X = eXperience…life in all its colours

I know I used a bit of creative licence with that last letter but hey, how many words start with the letter “X”? Actually, on that note, let us know if you have any “X” words that could be tied in to this happiness acronym!

But even if you can’t think of something, enjoy today’s tip and most importantly…RELAX into happiness : )