Happiness is…7 tips for trying new things

Happiness is…7 tips for trying new things

Experimenting and trying new things can boost your happiness in a number of ways…

  • firstly, it can simply provide pleasurable, fun activities which are obviously good for a certain type of happiness
  • secondly, it can lead to learning new things and playing on curiosity which we also know is good for happiness and wellbeing
  • and thirdly, it can boost what we, psychologists, refer to as self-efficacy which in simple terms means that people can come to the realisation that “if I can do this one thing then how many other things can I do?”…this special type of confidence can be very good for happiness and confidence all round

So with this in mind, here are just a few, 7 in fact, suggestions for new things to try today or over the weekend…

  1. grab a pencil and paper and draw something
  2. go out to a karaoke bar and sing in public!
  3. try a new type of food, something you’ve never eaten before
  4. pretend you’re a tourist and visit a part of your home-town/city you’ve never visited before
  5. watch a movie or DVD that you typically wouldn’t watch under normal circustances
  6. have a conversation with a friend about something you wouldn’t normally talk about
  7. learn something new – go to the library or search on the internet and research any topic you like

These are just a few of the hundreds or thousands of things you can do to expand your horizons and boost your happiness. If you have any other ideas, and I’m sure some of you do, then add them to this list via our Facebook Page