Happiness is…inside out!

Happiness is…inside out!

Earlier this morning I posted a question on our Facebook Page asking what people were thinking about doing over the weekend to create more happiness.

Not surprisingly, all of them (in one way or other) mentioned something that involved a combination of pleasure and satisfaction; caring for themselves and caring for others; having fun and completing something serious.

And this, in my opinion, is happiness; happiness is a balance of…

  • internal needs and external responsibilities
  • selflessness and selfishness
  • play and purpose
  • the cognitive and the communal

So next time you’re wondering whether to do the right thing by yourself or others; next time you’re unsure whether to feed yourself or to nourish others; next time you’re not sure whether to have fun now or plan for the future remember…

…that happiness is not exclusive to any of these but rather, happiness is inside and outside, now and then, here and there!