Happiness lessons from Harry Potter & Dr. Happy

Happiness lessons from Harry Potter & Dr. Happy

In our free eNewsletter which goes out every Monday Morning I posted, today, a link to an interesting article, originally from Positive Psychology News Daily, that referred to a number of happiness lessons that could be taken from Harry Potter.

You can read the story HERE

But then I also followed this up with a short article of my own in which I outlined a number of possibilities for learning about happiness; I’m happy to include it again here…

Following on from the article (referred to) above it will come as no surprise to regular readers of this eNewsletter that I frequently find happiness lessons in all sorts of weird and wonderful places! Curiosity is a strength that’s closely associated with happiness and notably, curiosity can be cultivated and developed (just like, I should say, almost any other strength).

So don’t wait for me or J.K. Rowling or anyone else, for that matter, to point you in the direction of happiness lessons; start to look out for learnings and messages in each and everything you do, each and every day. Because there are lessons to be learned about positivity and resilience, happiness and satisfaction, relationships and gratitude, and much, much more all over the place. Here are just a few examples of places I’ve found happiness related teachings and stories, formally and informally, over the years…

  • books and movies
  • children
  • other happy people
  • unhappy people!
  • websites and other resources
  • sport and theatre
  • everyday activities such as cooking and even cleaning
  • my own mistakes and successes

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