Finding happiness in long term relationships

Finding happiness in long term relationships

In an interesting article for Positive Psychology News Daily, Kathryn Britton concludes with…

Gottman comments that perhaps marriage therapy has been excessively focused on helping people learn how to handle conflict well. It is also important to look at the way they spend time together between conflicts.

The research by Impett and colleagues certainly supports this view, showing that it is also important that each partner develop strong approach goals, striving for greater intimacy and shared positive experience, not just avoiding unpleasantness and conflict.

In addition to our share of perpetual problems (around which we_ã_ve developed a lot of humor), my husband and I have lots of things we enjoy doing together, including a shared and wide-ranging curiosity about science, history, art, and wine as well as a frequent drive to drop everything and hug. We hope that will carry us to our Golden Anniversary and beyond.

If happiness is at least partly dependent on good quality, positive relationships and if you’re in any way interested in happiness and/or relationships then read the full and original article HERE