Weekend Summary – Happiness from around the world

Weekend Summary – Happiness from around the world

What’s going on in happiness and positive psychology?

I’ve just returned from a lovely, relaxing weekend away in which I saw happiness in action…at the beautiful wedding of two beautiful friends. It was truly wonderful to get away, leaving the laptop turned off, and to see love and friendship living and breathing so purposefully.

But, what that means, is that I’ve not posted for more than 48 hours now and there’s much to update you all on. For example…

The Seattle Times writes about happiness and asks – Looking for happiness? Look ahead: Happiness generally comes from moving toward what you want, not necessarily from getting it – to read the full story JUST CLICK HERE

The Dayton Daily reports on the Dalai Lama’s comments in which (among other things) he notes why happiness will never come from the outside – CLICK HERE

The Huffington Post includes an interview with Mathieu Ricard (including a video) who notes that happiness is not the same as pleasure – CLICK HERE FOR MORE

And even the Financial Times is talking about happiness writing about the relationships between money, happiness, life satisfaction and other variables – CHECK IT OUT HERE

I hope you find these happiness stories interesting and as I’ve done before, I invite you to have your say on our Facebook page (see below) and also, to let us know if you come across any stories or news, research or commentary that’s in any way related to happiness, health, wellbeing or positive psychology.

Cheers for now and enjoy the rest of your weekend : )