The Pursuit of Happiness – an interview with…me!

The Pursuit of Happiness – an interview with…me!

I recently discovered this interview I conducted several years ago and thought it might still be of interest all these months later…

Dr Timothy Sharp: the pursuit of happiness

Originally posted 04 Feb 2008

This is it! Today’s the day you stop settling for ‘okayness’ and learn to live happy. According to Dr Timothy Sharp, true happiness is a choice _ã_ and six steps can help you make it now…

Clinical and coaching psychologist Dr Timothy Sharp answers to ‘Dr Happy’ these days, but he hasn’t always felt like smiling. After quitting university early feeling lost, he contracted a crushing case of hepatitis while backpacking in Greece and suffered his “lowest ebb, emotionally and physically”. Then he had an epiphany _ã_ right in the middle of a social security queue in Cairns.

As he stood surrounded by a sense of helplessness, Sharp realised two things: “It’s hard to be happy if you’re literally sick and tired. And life’s not a spectator sport _ã_ you’ve got to take it by the scruff of the neck and get involved.” Thus inspired, he walked out without submitting a single form.

Fast-forward past a Master’s Degree and Ph.D., a stint in academia and one of Sydney’s most successful private practices and these two simple thoughts remain key to his psychological strategy.

Now chief grinner at The Happiness Institute, a cheery collective of psychology coaches, Dr Sharp tells how everyone can go from the doldrums to clinically happy_ã_

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