Facebook and happiness…are they linked?

Facebook and happiness…are they linked?

by Ron Doyle for Psychology Today

Hey there! You know all that news you’ve been hearing about that MTV/Associated Press study that says college students are stressed and obsessed about social media and technology?

Guess what? It also says they’re happier today than they were two years ago_ã”which may suggest that social media is making us all happier.

A September 2010 survey by mtvU and the Associated Press interviewed over 2,200 undergraduate college students ages 18 to 24, asking them a variety of questions regarding their everyday lives. For 2010, the three-year-old study asked college students new questions about technology use.

Here are a few of survey’s basic findings related to technology. In the seven days prior to the survey:

  • 52% of students reported using the internet 2-6 hours per day
  • 90% reported using a social networking site like Facebook, MySpace or MyYearbook
  • 93% sent or received an email
  • Only 3% percent of students reported that they do not send text messages
  • 23% said they send over 100 text messages per day

It also revealed these stats, the “stressful” ones:

  • 32% said they would be a little more stressed without technology
  • 25% said they would be a lot more stressed without technology
  • 17% said they would be a little less stressed without technology
  • 8% said they would be a lot less stressed without technology

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